I’m a person who never wants to stop learning. I fully believe that when you stop learning, you start dying. So my mind’s always looking for something else to glean–primarily from those who have walked this path before me.

Here’s a brief list I’m sure will be amended:

1-Aging is hard on the body. Make the most of your strength, stamina, determination and perseverance while you’re young. Those “impossible” things you want to try are more attainable if you’re younger.

2- There are very few things in life which are worth risking relationships over. In fact, unless it’s life-threatening and MUST be changed, it’s better to let it be.

3- “I love you” is far better by example than by word. For some, wording is hollow and holds no promise.

4-Learn, learn, learn from your grandparents, parents or anyone else whose life you respect and wish to emulate.

5-Be happy. No matter the circumstances.

6-The Bible can be simplified to one phrase–“Love one another”. Apply that and you will have no trouble with the rest of the teachings.

7-There is a “right” and there is a “wrong”. Your conscience will tell you. Even if you aren’t a believer.

8-There’s a reason for observing Sabbath. Your body isn’t meant to go full-tilt 24/7/365.

9-When in doubt, go to God. If you aren’t a believer, go to those whose wisdom has proven itself.

10-Don’t settle for someone as a partner. If they don’t care about you and your needs, they will never. Narcissism rarely ends.

11-Anger is an all-empowering emotion. If you don’t learn to react AFTER you have your anger under control, you will make mistakes. Huge ones. It IS ok to be angry…put your words down, and leave them…come back the next day and re-read them…you will SEE how your emotions can over-run your ability to reason. So be slow to act but quick to think.