“You can DO better than that…” That phrase, used by my Daddy when I’d disappointed him, has remained in my mind all these years. I hear it when I know I’ve failed to meet the bar in my life although I could have and should have. And I hear it now, when I think about CT, Virginia Tech, Columbine and the countless other tragedies which are chipping away at the heart of our nation.

“You can DO better than that.”

We Christians SHOULD be able to do better. We SHOULD be reaching these hurting people and telling them of God’s love for them…offering hope and a sense of comfort so they don’t feel so alone. Why aren’t we?

There’s a sense among us that we should avoid those engaged in sinful behavior; that as if by association we somehow will become sullied by hanging with these folks, eating with them, inviting them to our homes, welcoming them into our lives. And there is a sense of truth to some of that; we do have to be diligent in protecting our own families from harm that could come at the hands of others. But how many truly spiritually needy people show up at church on Sundays? When’s the last time a strung-out, dreadlock-laden man wandered into your church on Sunday morning begging for prayer? How about a skinny agitated woman whose fingertips are stained with spray paint, frantically seeking Jesus?

Jesus knew something we’ve forgotten–the Good News does no one any good if we keep it within the church. We HAVE to get out among everyone else…sinners, pagans, non-believers…or we cannot share the light within us which keeps us going despite all else. They aren’t going to come to us. We need to DO better.